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Are you facing expenses that you simply do not have the money to pay? Perhaps you are between jobs, your last paycheck was short, or you just have more expenses than you can afford at the moment. Whatever the case may be, by applying for title loans Memphis residents can rest easy knowing they have the funds they need. At Yellowwood Car Title Loans, we understand that emergencies strike without warning, often leaving you with a dire financial need. In many such instances, a bank loan or even a credit card is just not the right option. This is why we offer a flexible, short-term loan solution that does not require you to go through the hassles often associated with taking out a bank loan. Among the differences between a title loan and a bank loan is that with a title loan, you do not need to have perfect credit. You only need a title without any liens and an income source to be approved for the loan you need. We also understand that when you are facing a financial crisis, you need money quickly and do not have time to wait around for a loan officer to spend days reviewing your loan application. When you apply for a title loan with us, you can receive a loan decision right away and your approved loan can be funded within a day.

To start the title loan process, enter your name, zip code, and a contact number using our handy online application. The process only takes a few minutes, ensuring you do not have to take time away from your job or family to apply for the title loan you need. We will also need information about the vehicle you will be using as collateral for your title loan. You will need to supply the vehicle make, model, and mileage. This information is used to assist us in creating a personalized loan estimate for you. To determine your loan amount, we will need to know the value of your vehicle, your income, and the amount you need to borrow. Finally, we will make arrangements for you to speak to one of our loan representatives. If you are approved for a title loan, you could have your funds in as little as one day.

About Yellowwood Car Title Loans

When applying for title loans Memphis residents can rest easy knowing they have a fast, easy lending solution. Our staff at Yellowwood Car Title Loans is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service. You may start the title loan process at any time that is best for you using our online application; however, we are also located in Memphis for your convenience. We are always available to answer any questions you might have about the title loan process. Among some of the more common questions we receive is the types of vehicles we are accept for title loans. Along with cars and trucks, we can also issue title loans for recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

How the Title Loan Process Works in Tennessee

If you are thinking about applying for a title loan in Tennessee, you should take a few moments to understand how title loans in this state work. At Yellowwood Car Title Loans, we are required to follow certain state guidelines when issuing title loans. We can only issue a title loan to you if you are at least 18 years old. Additionally, we must verify that the vehicle title is in your name. You must also own the vehicle outright, meaning there can be no liens against the vehicle.

You are not required to be currently employed in order to qualify for a title loan. Many people often apply for a title loan because they are out of work. While you do not need to have a job to be approved for a title loan, you will need to show that you have a way to pay your loan payments. When paying back title loans Memphis residents often use one of the following sources of income:

  • Child support
  • Disability payments
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Alimony
  • Workers' compensation
  • Social security benefits

You also do not need to worry about divulging why you need to borrow the money. Whether it is something as simple as you have an expense you can't pay or something more personal, such as a medical expense, you can maintain complete privacy when applying for a title loan. Title loan proceeds are often used for:

  • Special occasions
  • Auto repairs
  • Vacation
  • Medical bills
  • Wedding or honeymoon
  • Legal expenses
  • College tuition
  • Home improvements or repairs

We do not impose any restrictions regarding how your loan proceeds are used. With title loans Memphis residents have complete flexibility.

When applying for title loans Memphis residents can also take advantage of very easy repayment terms. With payday loans, you are usually required to pay back the loan within a month, at the most. This can place a financial burden on many people. We offer a longer timeframe while keeping payments flexible. In fact, we believe you will find our interest rates to be quite competitive. Even so, if you ever have trouble making your loan payments, get in touch to ask about the option to refinance your loan and lower your payments. If you wish, you may also pay off your loan balance in full at any time. We do not charge prepayment penalties.

You will have the freedom to continue driving your vehicle as long as loan payments are made on time, so you do not have to worry about giving up your only method of transportation just because you need to obtain a title loan.

When you are facing a financial emergency and need a lending solution that does not require you to have perfect credit, a title loan could be just the lending option you need. We offer fast, friendly service and are committed to providing our customers with the best lending solution to meet their needs.

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